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    Description :   TRAININGS
      1st Module:
    Duration : 1 Month
    Ø  Hands on naturally extracted teeth and wax blocks
    Ø  Clinic maintenance
    Ø  Patient (accompanied) person
    Ø  Patient convincing
    Ø  Visit to rural setup
    Ø  Sterilization as per ISO standards
    Ø  Scrubbing
    Ø  OP Checkups
    Ø  X-rays/Scaling
    Ø  Fillings
    Ø  RCT's (Anterior/Posterior)
    Ø  RPD
    Ø  Incision and Drainage
    Ø  CD
    Ø  Concept and use of IM
    Ø  Simple extractions
    Ø  Pulpotomy
    Ø  Trainers
    Ø  Use of rubber dams
      2nd Module:
    Duration : 1 Month
    Ø  Hands on-extracted teeth
    Ø  Seminars
    Ø  Conferences
    Ø  Outdoor visits/Community visits
    Ø  Guest lectures
    Ø  Visit to rural setup
    Ø  RCT (Anterior/Posterior)
    Ø  Crown buildup / Post & Core
    Ø  Crown cuttings
    Ø  Operculectomy
    Ø  Complicated Extractions & Suture
    Ø  Alveoloplasty
    Ø  Splinting & IMF
    Ø  Pulpectomy
    Ø  Veneering
    Ø  Habit breaking  appliances
    Ø  Space maintainers
    Ø  Use of Gingival Retraction Chord (GRC)
    Ø  Fluoride application
    Ø  Mesioangular/Vertical impactions
    Ø  Antioxidants
    Ø  Avulsion
    Ø  Inflammation
    Ø  Radiographic identification
      3rd Module:
    Duration : 1 Month
    Ø  Hands on - Extracted teeth
    Ø  Lab visit
    Ø  Hands on Spot welding & soldering
    Ø  Hands on making bleaching trays
    Ø  Seminars
    Ø  Guest lectures
    Ø  Knowledge of different chairs
    Ø  Use of different materials/instruments
    Ø  Visit to rural setup
    Ø  Apicectomy (Anterior/Posterior)
    Ø  Impaction (Horizontal/Distoangular/others)
    Ø  Laminates
    Ø  Veneers
    Ø  Lumineers
    Ø  Bone grafting
    Ø  Gingivectomy
    Ø  Orthodontics in general
    Ø  Bleaching
    Ø  Curettage
    Ø  Flap surgeries
    Ø  Dental jewellery
    Ø  Impaction under IM
    Ø  Spot welding
    Ø  Soldering
      4th Module:
    Duration : 1 Month
    Ø  Work on extracted teeth
    Ø  Life saving procedures
    Ø  Use of IT related software and many more
    Ø  Visit to rural setup
    Ø  Hemisection
    Ø  Replantation
    Ø  Transplantation
    Ø  Apicoectomy (Posterior/Anterior)
    Ø  Root amputation
    Ø  Alveolectomy
    Ø  Crown lengthening
    Ø  Sleep dentistry
    Ø  Maxilla and mandibular fractures
      5th Module:
    Duration : 1 Month
    ü  Summary of all modules
    ü  Pathology lab (use of vacutainers)
    ü  Opportunity to train the next batch of participants
    ü  Opportunity to visit different clinics as consultants
    ü  Placement facility also given (optional)
    Services : n/a

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