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The Karnataka Emporium
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Retail and Export of Handicrafts
Carpets, Jewellers and Handicrafts.

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Many aspire to Fineness, yet only a few achieve it.

At The Karnataka Emporium

Fineness runs as an unbroken thread

An Organization that celebrates and nurtures the creativity and skill developed over millennia.

A hundred's of skilled and creative families guided, supervised and supported by infrastructure is the heart of our business.

Our control over quality and perfection starts from the day the first line of design is drawn or the first thread is woven and goes through the long process till the creation is created.

To believe in what we say.........

You have to see them at


#21, K.H ROAD,


Gems & Jewellery

Gems & jewellery are a part of the most essential inventory of every Indian household as almost all men and women from here are huge admirer of ornaments.

Creating exquisite jewellery calls for a combination of fertile imagination, Skilled and dedicated people and a dynamic corporate culture.

TKE excels in all these and more to create breathtaking pieces for ornamentation. From the modern designer who creates poetry in three dimensions to the descendents of royal jewelers from India who conjure the timeless appeal in gold and silver with hand-cut and polish gemstones, Our focus remains on innovation and offer the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money and are constantly adapted to meet the need of the customers.
Wood Carvings

The art of carving wood has been practiced in Karnataka for hundreds of year. Karnataka is famous throughout the globe for its exquisitely carved figurines, jewel boxes and furniture with intricate details. The hand carved figurines in this golden colored wood are embellished with designs inspired by traditions & Culture.


Experience the beauty & royalty with our array of Marble Inlay Handicrafts inspired from one of the wonders of world “Taj Mahal”. Semi-precious stones Inlaid to perfection to add beauty and elegance to your interior decor. Inlay is one of the most intricate and complicated arts. It is originated in Florence, Italy in 16th century known as Pietra Dura. It was introduced in India in 17th century by the Mughals. The art of inlay is called “Parchin Kari”.

Handmade, Hand knotted Carpets

The knotting of carpets is culmination of artistic magnificence -dates back to the period of Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (R.A.) 1341-1385 A.D. - the famous sufi saint of Persia who came to enlighten Kashmir with his spiritual guidance and brought along highly skilled artisans through the silk trade route and laid base for the cottage industries in Kashmir valley.

After the Mughal conquest Emperor Akbar 1580 A.D. also brought weavers from Persia to Kashmir. A great period in the history of carpets in Kashmir came In the time of Zainul-Abadin (Budshah) 1730 A.D. and our carpets started winning fame in far regions.

The skill of carpet weaving has been handed down by fathers to their sons, who built upon those skills and in turn handed them down to their offspring as a closely guarded family secret.

The Kashmir carpet, a piece of art par excellence representing the beauty of imagination, ingenuity and perfection amongst the highest level of art ever attained by mankind; is the finest and the most exquisite form of artistic expression.

Kashmir carpets are works of art as functional objects, Indeed, many have reached such supreme heights of artistic expression that they have always been regarded in the world as objects of exceptional beauty and luxury in the same way as masterpieces of paintings .Kashmir Handmade carpets are discussed here in terms of their elements of design, material, technique, ornament and imagery use, and stylistic characteristics in different periods and cultures.

Now the Kashmir carpet has reached its zenith. A Kashmir carpet is perhaps the most coveted of textile weavers, a passionate work of art, carefully chosen among the finest on earth and the elements of the design are like notes and melody or words in poem and are hundreds and thousands of hours of skilled work.


From the Persian word for “wool” is one of the world's most luxurious natural fibres however when the finished product is handmade, especially in those regions of Kashmir it can reach unique levels of softness far from the highest standards reached by other most advanced communities. In the ancient time, Pashmina shawls reached places as far as Rome were they adored the local beauties and particularly those in the Caesar Court. Of all the fabrics in the world, none excels in beauty,softness and quality of textures the famous Pashmina.

For many generations, Pashmina shawls have been collected a heirlooms and honoured as symbols of prestige throughout the world.


Soapstone (also called steatite) is a soft, easily-carved, fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be green, brown, or gray. This stone has a greasy, soapy feel to it, hence its name. Soapstone is found worldwide. It is carved into figurines, beads, seals, bowls, pipes, cookware, and other items - it has been used since ancient times. Chemically, soapstone is composed mostly of talc, hydrated magnesium silicate.

Because of its softness and light flowering veins, it is carved and designer can provide it different attractive looks. Handworks make it such a beautiful item which can be used as part of decoration in home. The handcrafted work done on each soapstone item is attention-grabbing and depicts the true workmanship of the artist.
Brass Castings

Brass casting in Karnataka dates back to several centuries. Craftsmen scrupulously sculpted idols of gods and goddesses in brass by the lost wax process. After with their skilled and artistic hands create intricate designs to such perfection that the captivating faces of those figures take you back to the era of myths.

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