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Explanation of Eco Crystal products for usage



 Fresh n Clean J:


It consists of 5inch housing with 5 micron pp filter accompanied by Crystal Processor. It ismeant for using in washing machine, geyser, dish washer and  before the  water filter.

The CrystalProcessor is  the  softener  without any    chemical  treatment.   It makes the calcium crystals finer to  avoid scale  formation, and also the water  quality  changes to reduce the detergent consumption inwashing machine and dish washer. In geyser, it will reduce the scale formationon heating coil. In water  filter, it  will  magnetize the water, improve the water taste, andalso it is known that magnetic  water  is good for  health. It also will reduce the scale deposit onUV tube. It can be used for both hard water and soft water. The filter keepsthe water free from dirt and mud.


Fresh n Clean CP:


It consists of a10inchhousing with 5 micron pp filter accompanied by Crystal Processor. It is meantfor using in kitchen line, on geyser or in the bath room. It is known that hardwater very often blocks the toilet flushing line, blocks shower holes etc..

The CrystalProcessor is the softener without any chemical treatment.  It   makesthe calcium crystals finer to avoid scale formation, and also  the  water  qualitychanges to improve that taste when in kitchen and also more foam in water whenin  toilet. It can be also put before thesmall independent house before the overhead tank, but  in   that case flow from the pump to the tankshould not be more that 600 liter per hour.  In  caseof higher capacity, two sets in parallel to be fixed. The filter keeps thewater free from dirt and mud.


AQUAAPPLIANCE/AQUA MERIT/AQUA GEYSER   for use in washing machine,Dishwasher, Geyser or in the kitchen before the water purifier.


The benefits provided are:


Health: Improved immune system, protection against kidney stones, betterdigestion, positive effect on blood pressure, protection against work sicknessetc.


Appliancesand pipelines: No scale formation and removal ofexisting scale, improved wash quality of clothes, reduction in detergentconsumption, improved rinsing efficiency in washing machine and thus lessresidual detergent on clothes, on geyser coils in plumbing lines etc, enhancing the life of geyser coil from damage andreduction in electricity bill etc.


Key advantages of the device:

a) It prevents scaling on the tub and otherareas of the washing machine and dishwashers.

b) Detergent consumption is reduced to anextent of 15-30% depending on the water conditions and type of detergentswithout affecting the wash quality.

c) Detergent retention on clothes afterthe wash is reduced substantially which prevents de-colourization of clothes.And also very good for people allergic to detergents

d) Life of Geyser coil will improve andsaving on electricity bill


Drinking waterfilter range


Euro water/Aqua Ultra


This model ismeant for municipal water or water with maximum hardness of 350 ppm.

It consists of 5 micronpp , block carbon filter and UV system in stainless steel housing with visiblesensor. It is the only filter in India which removes chlorine, bacteria andviruses,. It is known that chlorine is very harmful for health and surprisinglyMNC brand are promoting cheap water filter by using chlorine for purification.


In another versionon Euro water, bacteria are removed without UV. It is patented technology fromEurope and certified by European test houses, It is the NO 1 water filter inthe world. But it needs minimum 40 ft water pressure. We can deliver the systemwith inbuilt pump and also extra UV, so that customer can use the cartridge ofthe first version if he finds the cartridge as expensive.


R O Systems:


It is the best ROin India with UV system. It is a compact unit with a pressurized tank mountedon the device. It is a seven stage RO with water energizer at the inlet so thatcustomer drinks healthy magnetic water. It is made of Aluminum body with powdercoated to avoid rust and the front cover of steel sheet powder coated (as it isnot in contact with water to from rust). It can be mounted on the wall, underthe kitchen and also on the table.


 The uniqueness of the system is that no backwash is needed and water flow is more than

1 liter perminute.  Also the final water comesdirect from the UV to ensure absolute safety which no brand offers.






The build up ofscale deposits is a common and costly problem in many industrial processes aswell as in apartment and independent house/villa using natural water supplies.In case of cooling system, heat transfer rate reduces due to formation of theinsulating scale deposits on the heat transfer surfaces. This reduces the waterflow rate and consequently heating or cooling efficiency. Apart from these,there are problems of complete blockage of pipe lines, condenser tubes andother openings. The cost of replacement of pipes and fittings are significantlycostly.


In case ofdomestic application of natural hard water, the pipes get cogged, increase indetergent consumption, chalky felling during shower, bad taste of water,cooking takes more time,  shower holesget choked, damage of geyser coil very often, poor wash quality of clothes inwashing machine, scaling and frequent break-down of washing machines, andoverall poor quality of life.


Traditionalchemical methods of scale control or water softening involve either theaddition of scale inhibiting reagents or the replacement of the scale formerwith soluble ions by ion exchange. All of these methods, though effective inscale control, substantially change the solution chemistry and can beprohibitively expensive. All these chemicals have corrosive properties.


Eco CrystalHydro ion when installed in the water flow system reduces most of the problemswithout any impact on environment as it not add any chemical to water nor takeany chemical from water.


Existing Scale Removal fromHYDROION: The Magnetic field induced in the pipeline will influence thecrystalline structure of the flowing water. As the flowing water is energizedthe ions which are suspended act as a “scraping” agent removing the existingscales. So the suspended particles which are charged also “impinge” on thecurrent scale layer.



It definitelysolves following problems:



-         No scale in pipes and waterflow is maintained as it was on a new pipe, thus

      expensive pipereplacement or repair cost is avoided.

-         Reduces energy consumption asthere is no loss of heat transfer in heat exchanger.

-         Water feels softer, more foamwith detergent, shower is more enjoyable.

-         Shower holes remain free ofscales,

-         Saving in detergent approx 30%

-         Washing machine performs better

-         Saving cooking gas or energy asboiling time is reduced.

-         Water taste is better,

-         Magnetic water is good forhealth

-         Big water clusters are brokento smaller clusters and that’s how health benefit arrives







Whilst passing through the magnetic field of the Hydroion, themagnetic poles of the water      molecules are activated, so that the positive Ca- ions negatives OH-ionsare attracted and collide.

Thereby CACO3-molecules, corresponding to Argonite are formed.Normally, hard water when precipitates scale on surface, the crystals structureare calcite which is hard and has a tendency to stick to the surface.



NORMAL PROCESS: Ca(HCO3)2                 -------- Heating  ---------- CaCo3


                                 Calcium bi- carbonate               Calciumcarbonate (calcite crystal)


MAGNETIC PROCESS: Ca (HCO3)2            -------- Heating ---------- CaCo3


                             Calcium bi-carbonate                            Calcium carbonate(Argonite crystal)





Argonite crystal structure from the flowing water are much finerthan Calcite crystals formed in untreated water. Argonite crystal structure hasfar less possibility of joining other neighboring molecules and hence cannotform scales. Argonite also is much more soluble in water and flow with water.As per the test carried out in the field, our own testing and feed back fromthe customers, Hydroion has already established its excellent performance infollowing areas.



-         Chilling water plant


-         The pipes were found to bescale free, and even existing scales were found to be removed after on month.The deposition at the base of cooling tower were like powder and very littlerequirement of chemicals to remove scales. There was no tripping of the plantbecause of thickening of inner surfaces of pipes by scaling.


-         Domestic use


Water was felt much softer, more foaming with detergent, water taste

was improved, no blockage of pipelines, even existing scales willcome with in 6 months time, within a month of use blocked shower holes werefound to be clear.





-         The unit must be installed awayfrom electrical motor, at least 2 meter away

-         The unit must be mountedon  steel (G I)  pipes only

-         The unit must not be installednear to a position where there is reduction or increase of pipe diameter.

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