Space Maker
    • Contact Person : Mr. Shabbar
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    • Mobile : 9036574667 / 9880931466 / 7204838792
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    • Address : Banneragatta Road,gottigere, 4th Cross, Near Divyashree Hospital, Bangalore-560083
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    • Description :

      Modal No:-1

      6 Line P.PRope with S.S Pipe

      Size: 2X6 feetlong



      Modal No:-2


      6 Line FullS.S Pipe

      Size: 2X6feet long



      Modal No:-3


      6 LineAluminium Pip

      Size: 2.5X6feet long



      Modal No:-4


      8 Line P.PRope with Aluminium Frame

      Size: 2.5X6feet long



      Advantages are listed below :-

      ·        Space Maker occupy minimum place in your utilityarea, balcony etc…(i.e; Minimum space saved)

      ·        Space Maker makes it deal for elderly people& any one because it help in drying cloth with minimum effort.

      ·        Space Maker can be fixed in number ofwaysdepending on user’s need.

    • Services :

      Space MakerOccupy Minimum Place In Your Utility Area, Balcony Etc... (I.e. Minimum Space Saved)

      Space MakerMakes It Ideal For Elderly People & Any One Because It Help In Drying ClothWith Minimum Effort.

      Space MakerCan Be Fixed in Number of Ways Depending On User’s Need.

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