Bong Homoeo Care

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Bong Homoeo Care
Description :

 Allergic Rhinitis




  Child Care


  Gynaecological Problems

 Gastrointestinal Problems

    Hair Fall


   Infertility & Impotency


 Neurological Problem

 Skin Diseases

  And all other diseases which are incurable by other pathies.


Services :

Bong Homoeo Care is a complete health care unit. BongHomoeo Care is a homoeopathic clinic opened by Dr. Daisy Bagchi in the heart ofIndia's IT hub - Bangalore. We aim to provide treatment to the patients &educate everybody about the dynamic medicines of homoeopathy. We want to showeverybody how effective homoeopathic treatment can be and how it can curediseases when all other pathies give up. We will not only provide treatment forthe diseases, we will also share the knowledge of how they can be prevented.

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