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Secret Agent Page 3 Detectives
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Detective Agency
Detective in IndiaCall us, Detectives in India are gaining popularity as the time is passing by.The very simple reason behind this is increment in the crime ratio in ourcountry. People today have become so harsh and shameless that they can go toany extent by harming common man like you and me for their benefit. Everysingle day there we hear some or the other incident that takes place around us.Today it is not only the adults who are involved in ill practices but even theyouth today is taking the same path of fraud, violence & Cheating Spousebecause of the warm blood running in their brains. Detectives Detectives inIndia are available at all the places and all of them are easily approachable.However we would want to inform that when ever you plan to hire a privatedetective, you must gather all the information about that agency first as thereare many companies which just not exist in the records and they fool you bytaking the payment from you promising you a confidential solution. Thedetectives in India are catering all types of needs to all kinds of peoplewithout any differentiation. The staff in all the good agencies is highlyreputed and professionally trained too. The best part is that they provide asolution to your case within the time frame that they have taken from you. Onesuch Detective agency which is known not only nationally but internationallytoo is Gsis Detective. These people are based in West Delhi and they havereceived many awards for their work in corporate investigations, personalinvestigations and other legal and non legal matters related to life, death andmoney. Their charges per case are very nominal. as the main purpose behindrunning the agency is not fetching money out of people’s pocket that arealready in trouble but to help them in their needs. Gsis Detectives believe ingiving the best results as soon as possible. Accuracy, Honesty andConfidentiality is the USP followed in all cases. Gsis Detectives is based inthe New Delhi, India, national capital, Delhi, New Delhi. Besides our headoffices we have detective agencies spread allover India, in Bangalore, Bombay,Calcutta, Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bihar, Dehradun, Goa,Khajurao,Agra,Channai,Nanital,Kashmir,Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Cochin,Gujrat, Haryana, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner,Agra, Madhya Pradesh, Madras,Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh (U.P), Kerala, Pune,Shimla, Kullu Manali, Himachal Parshad, Hydrabad, etc. In addition to ourdetective agencies spread all over India, Gsis detectives also cater to theneeds of international subscribers. On the global front our detective agenciesare located in United Kingdom (U.K), Dubai, Abudhabi, Quattar,UAE, America,USA,, Russia ,Singapore,Hongkong, Bangkok, Middle East, Gulf countries,SriLanka, Japan, London, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Paris.,SouthAfrica,Malesiya,Germany,France,Europe for Corp[orate & Personal .We alsoprovide specialize services to NRI`s for, Pre & Post Matrimonialverifications, Divorce evidence, extra marital affairs and Surveillanceetc…Also we have a special arrangement for Bollywood & HollywoodCelebrities. Gsis Detective is established and headed by Famous Detective Mr.Rajesh Kumar - Professional Indian Detective with proven track record &supported by the team of young & experienced professionals. The mission ofthe “Gsis Detective” is to provide reliable & dependable net all overIndia/Abroad & tie up with Professional investigation companies in abroad.Gsis Detective is a professional, quality conscious & versatile investigationcompany in India, providing specialized Detective/Investigation services toIndividual & Corporate Sector. The specific requirements of the client arestudied & identified in the first Meeting, thereafter, investigationcommences in a planned, time bound manner. Detailed plan of surveillance andinvestigation is maintained on honesty, accuracy & confidentially of eachcase.

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