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Vivek Ranjit
Description :

          He is, SM Vivek Ranjit, fondly called as ‘Vivek Magician”.                      

A young and energetic magician from Bangalore who started his Magic tricks   from his school age out passion.  He transformed his passion into his profession and casted his career magic performance at various schools and corporate in and around Bangalore.  After  gathering  good  experience  from  various Malls,    schools  and even from   numerous  birthday parties, further he wanted  to thrive  his  magic  talent.   He had flown  abroad  and  casted  his acme  skill of magic  at many august  gatherings of audience   in various  cruise ships  in America,  where   his  mind boggling  magic show  was  much applauded   and  attracted  all audience.    After casting many spell bound magic shows successfully in American cruise ships,  he has decidedly  back to  India to flare up his magic  show in Bangalore  and other parts  in India. 

Services :

Having   mastered both ‘  Stage  Show’ & and ‘Close up’  show he  would   enthrall  every audience   at Stage.  His   professional magic show undoubtedly would keep audience  to the fullest heart touching as it is his blood stream endeavour too to keep everyone enjoyed in any events wherever he  imparts his magical dexterity. He would make your  programme  a grant success for  complete heartfelt  satisfaction too.  

          If you need your programme grant success  and complete heartfelt  satisfaction  don’t miss  to include the fun crawling magic show of  Vivek. 

          Just to have  fun and enjoy your programme  with great magical thrill  please make a   call on mobile No.9738336307.

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