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    SAP Painting & Decorating

    SAP Painting & Decorating
    Contact Person : Mr Mohan
    Phone :9972288435
    Mobile : 9880575848,9972431243
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    Address : # 102, 10th Cross
    Channel ROad, Cholurpalya,Bangalore-560023
    Description :

    Painter and Decorators apply paint coatings, wall coverings and other materials internally and externally for decorative and preservation purposes. This can be to walls/surfaces in private dwellings and in commercial/industrial locations or other structures.

    Painters and Decorators can also be involved in the designing and producing of sign work and displays; and advice on colour selection and interior design. Painter and Decorators are usually employed by building or painting contractors or may be self-employed.

    Services :

    Painter and Decorators require many skills including:

    • Working with a variety of specialised hand and power tools
    • Being aware of how colours, textures and shapes are used in design
    • Knowledge of renovation, preservation and restoration
    • Performing a range of painting techniques
    • Application of wall hangings to a wide variety of situations
    • Designing and producing sign work and displays
    • Advising on colour selection and interior design

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